How to become a millionaire?

I think I’m addicted to listicles. It’s not that I’m sure I will become a millionaire if only I follow the advice on WikiHow, but I always check whether “5 Ways To Be More Productive” will give me a fresh perspective on life.

It won’t. I would love to say that I learn something new from each website on motivation/productivity/life hacking but nah, after The Great Tip Number 837284828 you start getting this sense of repetition some people call déjà vu.

Maybe if I spent less time on motivational websites, and more on actually BEING productive, I would have become a millionaire a long time ago. Fine, I wouldn’t, but I would definitely have had more time…. For what? I’m not sure, but I guess the amount of books I just have to read would diminish.

You see, the problem with books is that there are too many of them. Too many worthwhile, and far too many poor ones. Everybody writes books. Even I wrote one. The fact that I won’t manage to read all of them is pretty depressing. It’s all because life is just so short. Or Facebook too tempting.

My daily dose of music for today:

Sorry. I’m leaving home which makes me feel pretty nostalgic.


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