Farewells are tough. I think I will soon have more homes, more bonds, more things I won’t be able to live without. Some old ones will blur. It scares me and makes me curious at the same time, as all experiences involving a dose of risk have this interesting property.

The bonus of finding yourself in a completely new environment is that there’s just you, nobody who knows you, or at least thinks they do. Just your terrified persona, and a complete tabula rasa.

I thought it means that you can finally be yourself. However, most people adapt. It’s natural. It’s like with chameleons. We find ourselves in a group, and begin to act in the same way as other people in it. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are not yourself. It’s just that you show just the chosen aspects of your personality, and keep hiding others.

I am not sure whether it makes sense to anyone but me.


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