Challenge: Day #2 The Daily Dose Of… Roommates

Challenge #2: A long-lost roommate.

At first it didn’t really seem like a big deal.

Of course it felt a little weird, when I was sitting alone in our small and ascetic room “with a view”.

But I kind of didn’t mind… at least until a few days passed.

My brain overcame a serious shock when it could finally rest at night, as no one could wake me up just to make me listen to their sleep-talking monologue. It’s funny how people can easily create their needs and miss things that used to annoy them.

I’m kidding, Roommate. I love when you’re doing it. At least we have something to talk about with other people while having breakfast. Normally, I would just sit by the table with them and be busy being socially awkward.

Today I started missing some other little things. Random ideas. Impulses. Eating too many fake jelly beans she gave me. Recording her when she was doing a handstand just because “she felt like it”. Having someone to laugh at my low-self-esteem-jokes. Making our room prettier by using sticky notes with some, better and worse, phrases, and my roommates’ drawings of pretty much everything. Fine, mostly flowers. Animals and flowers.

These white walls got bored of my talking to myself.

So finally, if you ever see my roommate somewhere, please, let me know. I cannot promise you money for that feat, but I do have a pretty nice drawing of an elephant.



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