Challenge: Day #3 The Daily Dose Of… Blue Objects

To Alicia Shamji

Challenge #3: What a character holding a blue object is thinking about right now.


I leant against a shelf, and my eyes met a big blue book, with its title saying:

“7 Habits Of The Most Successful Teenagers”

Well, there are few things in my life I may be sure of, but one of them is definitely that the most effective teenagers, instead of looking for funnily random pieces of writing (or creating ones), spend their time in the library much more effectively.

With a big blue Teenage Bible in one hand, and some of my very important personal belongings in the other (a piece of paper. A pen), I decided to leave the shelves marked as “non fiction” (although you may argue whether productive¬†17-year olds are real), and find another lonely chair to sit for myself. Back in the time, I really could have related to this wooden emblem of schooltime sadness.

Anyway, now me and my journal are stuck, both on and between “Death in Venice” and Goethe’s plays. Away with this blue bookie. Time to get a masterpiece.

Funny things happen when I’m reading. When a writer mentions a broken leg, I cautiously look at mine as it starts to tremble. Making people feel the same way could be my goal, too. Using metaphors. Describing¬†other things and other people. However, my dreamy intentions have just been swept away, by nothing but this self-seeking piece of writing, I happen to have created myself.



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